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Keynotes & conférences

Conferences & keynotes

Sanae’s keynotes and conferences offer a clear vision of the technological era and a powerful and inspiring vision of the future of your business, your customers and your people.


« If you dont’ think about the future, you won’t have one »

The world is changing and it’s changing fast.

The game has changed for every business.

Playing the new game needs understanding the new rules.

Winning the new game needs reinventing new strategies and shifting the minds.

With passion, great enthusiasm and inspiring stories, Sanae’s speaking let you dive into a wonderful ocean of disruptive innovation opportunities and challenging questions to shift perspectives and begin creating the future.

Ideas are worthless without action. The conferences end with a practical action plan the attendees can implement to begin their transformation.

Who is Sanae?

Sanae is the founder and CEO of IT as ART. A company that helps businesses redesign for the 21st century.

Sanae’s passion, is to advice leaders and help them face the digital challenges and re-invent themselves and their business. Real transformation begins with the right questions. Real innovation begins with self-transformation.

Sanae has more that 25 years of experience as an IT expert and a technological researcher. She has always been passionate about how technology is shaping our world, how it is enhancing our lives, how it is impacting people and changing our behaviors.

Today, her mission is inspiring and helping leaders to shift to the digital mindset. In the technological era, an extreme focus on people, customers and collaborators is the key to thrive the business.

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