An immersive 4 days workshop to shift the minds and create the future in a fabulous place in Morocco.

Let build a bridge between our past and the future we want to have.

4 days immersion in a magical setting in Morocco to rejuvenate, rethink, reinvent and create together.

Next session in November 2019

No business, big or small, is safe from a “disruption” that leads to its disappearance. A break that can come from anyone, from any sector and from anywhere in the world.

Entry barriers to business have never been so low.

Disruption is also huge opportunities to diversify, create new business and enter new markets anywhere in the world.

Disrupt YourBusinessPourLeRéinventer is the seminar for those who have a vision, a big dream. Those who want to be in charge of their business, their life and their future.
The seminar to understand the challenges of digital. Understand how technologies are changing our world, our business and how they transform us as human beings.
Be visionary, think about “disrupting” your business before someone else does it for you!

The seminar “Disturb your business to reinvent it” is an extraordinary opportunity for any manager and entrepreneur. A golden opportunity to take advantage of the collective intelligence, dynamics and strength of the group to learn, share, collaborate and build together.
Together towards a better business, a better life and a better world.

A residential seminar in Morocco, to relax, for the well-being and to boost and bring out our creativity.
Conditions: Adhere to our values ​​of sharing, collaboration, benevolence and respect.

Advantage: Be part of a mastermind that brings together visionary entrepreneurs who think and act together to sustain their business and create a better world.