Innovation bootcamp
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An immersive, high energy learning experience for entrepreneurs and leaders who wants to transform their business and get it to the next level.


If it scares you, it’s a sign you need to do it.



Innovation bootcamp

An immersive and intensive program to shift minds, to plant the seeds for innovation and get keys to begin transforming your business and getting it to the next level.

This session is in French.

3 exciting days to master the key success and digital leverages to grow your business:
– Discover technological trends that will shape your world in upcoming years
– Understand the urgency to transform today
– Understand the disruptive innovation and how it is impacting your business, your business model, your collaborators and your customers
– Disrupt your business and re-invent it to face the digital challenges and prepare for the future
– Create an enchantment business for your collaborators and for you customers. Companies that survive at the digital era are companies with a very strong culture.
– Create a fascinating and enchanting customer experience
– Systemize and automate your business

This bootcamp is an opportunity to learn, collaborate and exchange with other passionate entrepreneurs. You will build your roadmap to success by creating a pragmatic action plan to implement your roadmap. The transformation begins during the bootcamp.


Inspiring, skill building and mind shifting

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  • ITasART,
    Avenue des Croix du FEU 247
    1020 Bruxelles.

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